Austerity and the Decline of the Collective

bold is the new pragmatic

We Need an Antidote to Complacency and Resentment

When life becomes a zero sum game, when competition is seen as the sole basis for organizing society, when targeting social benefits that should be universal shows folk that some gain and some don’t but everybody pays, when austerity tells us that there’s less in the pot so what one gets the other loses, when … Continue reading


The other day, CNN ran a focus group on what some American voters were now thinking about their president. The comments were almost universally critical including among Trump voters. But even some of the most critical, it seems, may still be Trump supporters. It was, for me, a valuable reminder that pointing out Trump’s flaws, … Continue reading

A Brief Comment on G20

Yes it’s important that the leaders of these diverse countries are talking, and everyone deplores the hooliganism, but what else did we learn? 1)   The 20 came together largely to go their own ways – the moment of collective will has passed. 2)  The collective interest in working with Africa was a momentary thing. … Continue reading