Crazy Ideas: Overton’s Window and the Political Imagination

A small argument about whether the government should be raising taxes broke out at a recent dinner party, quite possibly in response to something I said. Some argued that tax increases were just a terrible idea given that Canadians were already suffering tax fatigue and many were struggling from paycheck to paycheck, not to mention … Continue reading

Exporting Democracy

I am reading Bob Rae’s fine book on Exporting Democracy and am experiencing profound feelings of alienation or maybe just superficial feelings of confusion.  In either case, this is not a review of the book except to say that it is thoughtful and nuanced, and particularly welcome at this time when we ought to be … Continue reading

A Wasted Crisis

In Canada, we seem to have weathered the financial crisis better than many, partly because of years of financial sacrifice by Canadians to regain fiscal sovereignty and partly because of continuing hunger for our natural resources. But in the almost-aftermath of the crisis we, like other developed countries, are now faced with exceptionally tough policy … Continue reading

Canada at 150

A few hundred people have convened in Montreal and many more are linking in virtually to discuss the Canada we want and what investments, sacrifices and trade offs we have to make to get there.  Whatever the political merits, this can only be a good thing, focusing our attention on our shared aspirations and concerns.  … Continue reading