The Toronto Elite

It used to be the left who were concerned about “elites”,  about the concentration of wealth, power and influence in the hands of a few.  The conversation here was about how to constrain that power, how to achieve greater social and civic equality,  how to make democracy work.  Over the last decades, the term and … Continue reading

Bowling Together: An Exchange on Citizenship

Here is the third installment of the extended conversation with Scott Payne on democracy and citizenship. SCOTT PAYNE Now, you know that I am strongly in favour of the idea you have expressed that we need to close the gap between citizens and their government as a means of revitalizing our democracy. And I am … Continue reading

The Age of Deference is Over – What Now?

On September 3, 2010, Scott H. Payne and I posted an interview expanding on an article I wrote for The Mark entitled Why We Vote Against Our Interests.  Specifically, we sought to look at the issues around a revitalised democracy in Canada.  Some weeks later Scott approached me about the idea of carrying on an extended and … Continue reading