Celebrating Public Service

Notes for talk at Public Policy Forum Dinner, April 11, 2013 I am delighted to be here with family, friends and colleagues this evening – an evening that can only be understood as a celebration of Canada’s public service. Such celebrations are pretty rare these days though the public service is an institution that deserves … Continue reading

A Professional Public Servant Resigns

Former Chief Statistician Munir Sheikh’s resignation was a brave and admirable act.  The Mark News has just published my thoughts on the subject.

Are Canadians Becoming More Conservative?

A friend recently asked me whether I think that Canadians are becoming more conservative and, for that matter, notwithstanding the recent U.S. election, whether most people in developed countries are moving to the right. Conservative parties in Europe have done well at the very time that progressives thought they had a chance for a resurgence … Continue reading