Oh no! Not the Census Again!

In his testimony before the Industry Committee today, Ivan Fellegi, the former and universally respected head of Statistics Canada, expressed pleasant surprise at how strongly people in almost every sector of Canadian society have come out in support of the census and the importance of the information produced through the mandatory long form.  For many, … Continue reading

Security Trumps Liberty

Public policy is almost invariably trying to balance competing interests and goals, nowhere more so than in a country as diverse as ours.  But even where we have consensus, policy has to come to grips with the reality that the things we want, our policy goals, may be in conflict.  Someone said not long ago … Continue reading

A Show About Nothing: Totem and Taboo in Canadian Political Life

As the Parliamentary session sort of winds down, it’s pretty hard to summarize – or for that matter see – its accomplishments. With only a few exceptions that would only serve to dilute the story, this session was dominated by old or second-rate scandals, access to documents, MPs’ travel, committee disappearances by political staffers, G8 … Continue reading

Welcome to the Centre!

Just a brief welcome and a few words on The Centre for Global Challenges. Some of our best pundits have been asking why we in Canada are not having the kinds of national policy debates we need.  We know the challenges and risks but we are not talking about them publicly. We do of course … Continue reading