Austerity and Trickle Down Meanness

Alex Himelfarb, former clerk of the Privy Council, was interviewed by Adam Kahane. POSSIBLE CANADAS ON BUILDING HEALTHY COMMUNITIES In this excerpt of Adam Kahane’s interview published here in The Globe and Mail I focus on austerity and trickle down meanness. Kahane: What keeps you up at night? Himelfarb: The number one issue for me … Continue reading

A Postcript on Big Government

Having posted yesterday on the limits and dangers of the ideological assault on “big government,” I read today with particular interest an op-ed by Tom Flanagan charmingly entitled, “Down with Big Government”. He argues that the Prime Minister’s refusal to shrink government goes a long way to explaining the political problems he has run into. … Continue reading

Big Government, Little Government: Blah, Blah, Blah

In debates about government at least, size, it seems, does matter. In Canada, the issue of size has not spawned the equivalent of the Tea Partyers, but it’s impossible to believe that we aren’t influenced by what’s going on with our neighbours. The Tea Party is only the latest expression of an ideology that has … Continue reading