What Are We To Think?

What are we to think when our government tells us that government is the problem, that notwithstanding a decade of tax cuts, we pay too much taxes, that we should be concerned that our government has private information about us, that our government has ulterior motives for its firearms registry?  What are we to think? … Continue reading

Trust, Traps, and Taxes

A short while back, I posted a piece on why we vote against our own interests which provoked diverse responses including several which insisted that, to the contrary, we do know perfectly well who serves our interests and we vote accordingly. My problem, this argument goes, is that at best I just don’t like the … Continue reading

Statistics Canada: Letter to the Prime Minister

This letter signed by Mel Cappe, David Dodge, Ivan Fellegi and me was sent earlier today to the Prime Minister and leaders of the other parties represented in Parliament. September 9, 2010 The Right Honourable Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada Langevin Block 80 Wellington Street Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A3 Dear Prime Minister, Over the course of … Continue reading

Revitalising Democracy

The following interview was conducted by Scott H. Payne, of the Canadian Council for Democracy.  I have reproduced the interview and Scott’s overly generous introduction here. Anyone who has paid any attention to the Census debacle has probably heard or read the name Dr. Alex Himelfarb. Dr. Himelfarb has been a stalwart opponent of eliminating … Continue reading