Glendon has a strong tradition of preparing future leaders through a world-class liberal arts education. We are one of the only university campuses in Canada to specialize exclusively in the liberal arts. We are the only one to do so in more than one language.

What you need to know:

We are small.
Since the beginning, we have believed that small classes and a strong sense of community are key factors in student success. True to this vision, today our campus is home to 2,500 students with an average class size of 20, and our student satisfaction ratings are exemplary.

We are bilingual.
We are committed to providing students with language skills for an increasingly global workforce. Whether you are already bilingual or interested in learning another language, we will help you to improve in English and French, and possibly more languages, in a supportive environment.

We are liberal arts specialists.
Graduates of the liberal arts — the social sciences and humanities — are in high demand for jobs in government, business, non-governmental organizations and more, in Canada and internationally. Our new international Bachelor of Arts (iBA) adds a unique global dimension to our top-quality liberal arts programs.

We are on a beautiful campus.
Set on the historic Wood family estate, our campus is a lush parkland in the heart of Toronto — an inspiring setting for university studies and a great backdrop for relaxing outside of class. We are ideally situated only moments from the subway or a short drive to downtown.

We are part of York University.
The original campus of York University, Glendon remains a full-fledged faculty of the University and is connected to the main Keele Campus by a shuttle bus service. You can take advantage of course offerings, library collections, and student activities on both campuses.

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