A Brief Comment on G20

Yes it’s important that the leaders of these diverse countries are talking, and everyone deplores the hooliganism, but what else did we learn?

1)   The 20 came together largely to go their own ways – the moment of collective will has passed.

2)  The collective interest in working with Africa was a momentary thing. It too too has all but passed.

3)  Climate change, what climate change?  Or I guess we are just going to have to adapt.

4)  The financial crisis is now officially a crisis of deficits and debt and less a crisis of  unregulated markets and the disconnect between the financial economy and the real economy. Amazing how quickly this crisis has been redefined.

5)  Decisions about the level and mix of taxes will significantly shape our future and political leadership of all stripes avoids this discussion.

6)  Canada is changing.  I wrote not long ago that Canada is changing “silently” but the change seems louder after this past weekend in the streets of Toronto.  And political leadership of all stripes says little.

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