Free Trade or Scandal?

The Toronto Star had an excellent, if somewhat strange, editorial the other day complaining about the lack of public debate on the possible Canada-Europe “free trade” deal. Apparently the negotiations are well advanced and the negotiators are most certainly dealing with issues of vital importance to Canadians – but, as the editorial puts it, all … Continue reading

Guergis, Irony and Tragedy

Frank Graves does his usual excellent job of analyzing shifting Canadian attitudes on “The Guergis-Jaffer Affair”. Not surprisingly the Conservatives took an initial hit in the polls but according to Ekos data (Frank’s firm), their slide has halted and the Liberals have now taken a bit of a hit.  Frank says, among other things, that … Continue reading


Day after day, we are fed more House of Commons questions and more media headlines and more speculation  about Helena Guergis and Rahim Jaffer.  Maybe it’s good politics to keep this issue hot and in the public eye.  Ekos polling seems to show that it is, to some extent.  But Guergis is out of Cabinet … Continue reading