Austerity and the Decline of the Collective

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Electoral Reform is Finally on the Political Agenda

A couple of days back, Ed Broadbent, Hugh Segal and I published an op-ed making the case for some form of proportional representation. Yesterday the government announced its process for assessing a range of options to make 2015 the last federal election under our first past the post system. And today the editorial pages are … Continue reading

What Bernie Sanders Has Accomplished

Here is an op ed in the Star on what we might learn from the Bernie Sanders campaign

The Decline of the Collective 

Keynote Speech at the Parkland Institute November 20 2015. 

Bargain Basement Citizenship and the Decline of Democracy

We ought to be outraged. Just about every day our media provides a new account of the decline of our democracy:  the inadequacies of our electoral system and allegations of electoral fraud; the high-handed treatment of our Parliament through inappropriate prorogations and overuse of omnibus legislation; a government ever more authoritarian and opaque, resistant to evidence and reason, and … Continue reading

Taking Back Our Democracy: Bridging the Generational Divide

These are tough days for Canada’s parliamentary democracy.  Having endured years of steady erosion, it is now under frontal attack.  Journalists and public leaders, across the political spectrum, have begun to document the injuries. We are seeing stirrings of outrage. But this assault on our democracy could not be happening without some complicity or at … Continue reading

Taking Back Our Democracy: Welcome to

This post has been published in The Mark News as “The Democracy We Deserve” As we watch events unfold in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, as the media chronicle acts of extraordinary courage in the face of grotesque brutality, I expect many of us —  inspired, hopeful, uncertain — are led to reflect on things here at home.  … Continue reading

The Toronto Elite

It used to be the left who were concerned about “elites”,  about the concentration of wealth, power and influence in the hands of a few.  The conversation here was about how to constrain that power, how to achieve greater social and civic equality,  how to make democracy work.  Over the last decades, the term and … Continue reading

Canada Day

As ever, Canada’s birthday celebration has inspired a bunch of articles and blogs on what it means to be Canadian, what we should be celebrating, and what we should be worried about.  Having been brought to Canada by parents who chose her as their home,  I do have the immigrant’s visceral love of Canada for … Continue reading