La Patate Chaude

The healthcare debate is now engaged.

Canada at 150

A few hundred people have convened in Montreal and many more are linking in virtually to discuss the Canada we want and what investments, sacrifices and trade offs we have to make to get there.  Whatever the political merits, this can only be a good thing, focusing our attention on our shared aspirations and concerns.  … Continue reading

Canada at 150 (2)

Lots to think and argue about after the three-day Montreal Conference.  Some challenging questions  – do we Canadians care less than we used to about poverty and social justice; are we ready to pay for the services and pensions we have taken for granted in the past, and, if so,  do we want to pay … Continue reading

Canada at 150 (3)

Can a political party win with an agenda that asks us to lower our expectations now in exchange for sustainable and just growth later?  Are we prepared to pay a bit more in taxes now in exchange for a government committed to find new and better ways to deliver what we need?   Are we prepared … Continue reading

After the Meltdown

George Akerlof, Tim Besley, Pierre Fortin and moderator Gene Lang came to Glendon this past Thursday (March 24).  They launched the new Centre for Global Challenges with an outside-the-box discussion of lessons to be drawn After the Meltdown.  We will soon be posting their speaking points and summaries.  They were superb, aware of the limits … Continue reading

Canada’s Silent Transformation

Canada is changing – subtly, profoundly, and without a public conversation. It’s time we start to shape that change, before it’s shaped for us.