Tax Is More Than A Four Letter Word

Ontario Budget 2014: watch my interview with Steve Paikin at The Agenda HERE

More on More Taxes

Well, I watched Steve Paikin’s Agenda discussion on taxes. His guests: Andrew Coyne, Diane Francis, John Tory and Hugh Mackenzie, with only Mackenzie really pushing for more taxes to fund government services. It was an excellent discussion. Andrew Coyne, as one would expect, wants less government, fewer subsidies and greater reliance on user fees where … Continue reading

Let’s Raise Taxes!

Paul Krugman bravely continues his counter-offensive against the assault on government. Here he talks about what the current environmental disaster in the Gulf and Katrina have in common. His answer: they both reveal the dangerous deterioration in government competence, the inevitable result of cuts in taxes and cuts in government and, one might add, the … Continue reading