Review of Hugh Segal’s Bootstraps Need Boots

Hugh Segal has written an engaging personal and political memoir and plea for basic income. Here’s my review in Alberta Views.

How to Pay for a Just and Green Recovery

Some colleagues and I published this piece on how to pay for “building back better”. The Broadbent Institute published this longer version here.

After the Pandemic

First Policy Response has brought together diverse views (including my own) on how the pandemic recession differs from previous recessions and what we need to do to get through this and come out better at the other end. Key points – from my admittedly biased perspective: Recovery will be slow and bumpy and will depend … Continue reading

We Need an Antidote to Complacency and Resentment

When life becomes a zero sum game, when competition is seen as the sole basis for organizing society, when targeting social benefits that should be universal shows folk that some gain and some don’t but everybody pays, when austerity tells us that there’s less in the pot so what one gets the other loses, when … Continue reading


The other day, CNN ran a focus group on what some American voters were now thinking about their president. The comments were almost universally critical including among Trump voters. But even some of the most critical, it seems, may still be Trump supporters. It was, for me, a valuable reminder that pointing out Trump’s flaws, … Continue reading

The outrage must not dull 

What’s going on – the ban on transsexuals, the removal of civil rights protections, the equivocation on nazis and white supremacists, the assault on immigrants, the pardon, and so much more – is not about Bannon or Gorka or Miller but about the man who hired them and all those who excuse, justify or stand … Continue reading

The Beginning of the End of Homelessness

Roy Romanow and I just published this piece making the case that ending homelessness should be a top priority in the government’s promised National Housing Strategy.  Shortly after we put our thoughts on paper, two more homeless people died.   Tens of thousands of Canadians every day face the perils, loneliness and exclusion that come … Continue reading