The Role of the State: the Couchiching Panel

This past Friday at Couchiching, Tom Flanagan, Armine Yalnizyan and I discussed what the financial meltdown can tell us about the role of the state.  Better than my trying to capture the nuance of each of the speakers, and recognizing my predisposition to favour some views at the expense of others, I strongly urge you … Continue reading

Couchiching: Fun to Say and Fun to Visit

Attended my first Couchiching Conference this past weekend and got a glimpse of what political debate could look like if we could only squeeze out some of the more pathological aspects of partisanship and ideological conflict that have become business as usual in Ottawa.  The crowd of about 250 people was diverse, students and professors, … Continue reading

Crime in Canada

Here is a truly bizarre article by Tom Flanagan.  He argues that while rates of crime and violence have been going down for decades, these rates are nonetheless too high and so we should be throwing people into prison with increasing gusto.  He is saying that the balanced policies that we have relied on for … Continue reading