Anger Management

The punditry here and in the U.S. is talking more and more about the populist anger afoot and how it is becoming an increasingly powerful political force.  Whether to emulate, repudiate or retaliate, everybody everywhere seems to be watching the Tea Party.  Anger, it seems,  has become the new political battleground. I don’t want to … Continue reading

Why We Vote Against Our Interests

Today’s even longer than usual post has been published in full in The Mark News.

Canada Day

As ever, Canada’s birthday celebration has inspired a bunch of articles and blogs on what it means to be Canadian, what we should be celebrating, and what we should be worried about.  Having been brought to Canada by parents who chose her as their home,  I do have the immigrant’s visceral love of Canada for … Continue reading

A Progressive Orientation: Hope, Engagement and Empathy

Progressivism, most would agree, is an elusive concept. This is a large part of its charm – it doesn’t generate pre-packaged solutions, has to be made concrete based on evidence in specific circumstances, and has the elasticity that these fragmented, changing and often discontinuous times demand.  In that sense, we do know what progressivism is … Continue reading

So That’s a Progressive!

I have been going back and forth with some friends about how to define “progressive”.  Clearly, it’s a pretty elastic notion that provides significant room for diverse views and for adaptation to circumstance but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have great value or should be summarily dismissed.  Read this terrific piece by Douglas Bell … Continue reading

So What’s a Progressive Anyway?

Two excellent opinion pieces today raise interesting questions about Canada’s political landscape and all the recent talk about coalitions and mergers. Rick Salutin asks the big question about the left in Canada, “Left? What left?” And Dan Gardner asks the related question, “Progressive? What’s that?” Both are worth a read. Salutin argues that Canada has … Continue reading