Thoughtful Thursday: something to think about (from Jane Fritz blog)

Thoughtful Thursday: something to think about
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  1. Robert White says:

    Behaviourally, wealth hoarding was studied via Professor Emeritus Vilfredo Pareto who was first to systematically & operationally define structural wealth disparity worldwide as ratio level data following a 20% wealth hoarding elite in opposition to 80% of the population that is historically poor.

    Today the wealth hoard follows even greater disparity via wealth hoarding via Neoliberal Macroeconomics era whereby the ratio of ‘haves’ to ‘have nots’ is more extreme in so far as the 1% elite hold all the assets under management via comparative analysis of 99% of the population.

    Today we cannot afford houses, or rent as working class subjects of Neofeudalism on the part of our controlling corporatocracy which is wholesale fascism via Quantitative Easing & Share Buyback corporate culture.

    The controlling economic fascists are far worse today as monopolists than they were during the Great Depression era. The Tech sector is obviously engaged in a Rentier Income strategy as defined by professor of Economics Michael Hudson.

    Drawing the analogy that wealth hoarders today are like monkeys is an insult to all monkeys IMHO.



    • himelfarb says:

      Always a pleasure to hear from you and no insult was intended to monkeys or animals more generally!


      • Robert White says:

        Always a pleasure to hear from you too, professor. Frankly, you are the only high level academic that advocates for the poor in Canada from what I can determine thus far online.

        Please live to be at least 100, Alex.

        Us poor sots need good fighters like you on our side.

        Keep up the great works.

        Sincerely, Robert


      • himelfarb says:

        Thanks Robert. 100 sounds good


  2. jlebon jlebon says:

    Alex     This has nothing to do with you Blog.   Are the retired EXes  doing anything about the  campaign to Make Revera Public?  Janina Lebon   co-chair Hamilton Health Coalition   [retired PSAC]


  3. Mark Hammer says:

    I laughed out loud when I read that. How true, how true.
    Years ago, my wife and I were feeding geese on Toronto Island. As we tossed pieces of bread, there was one gander that had deemed that EVERY morsel would be his. As each piece landed, he would aggressively chase away all the geese nearby, in front of him. Of course, while he was busy doing this, other geese would sneak in behind him and gobble up the bread before scampering away. He spent a lot of energy and time trying to assure that “it was all HIS”, although he never got to savour one bite.

    There are an unfortunately large number of people who treat that gander as their role model.

    With affordable housing being such a hot topic this election, I’m disappointed that no one is connecting it to the issue of climate change. A million inexpensive monster houses, situated 20km from city-centre, may give people something THEY can afford to buy, but is it something a municipality can afford to support? Will it be populated by people who will use public transit, or only those who drive their SUV to the mall, to bring the kids to school, and commute to work? And what of the infrastructure costs to the city and province? Not just building but maintenance as well. What of the children whose nearest age-mate and playmate will likely be 300m down the street? And of course, every time there is a housing boom in the burbs, that demands building new schools, whose costs in turn results in the closure of inner-city community schools that children used to be able to walk to, instead of being driven or bused.

    Every day, I see modest-sized homes in the city core razed to be replaced with monster homes that provide 3-4x as much space per person as anyone could want or need. Where are the 3-bedroom family-friendly flats and apartments downtown or even uptown? We need more of those Montreal-style 4-plexes (two duplexes sharing a middle wall) that provide decent family housing that a person doesn’t mind renting.

    Admittedly, this is not a challenge to be solved by any single level of government, and will require the joint effort of cities, provinces and Ottawa. It only makes sense that it be so if the form, location, and provision of housing, and climate issues, are connected, since climate change affects not only cities, but provinces and the nation as a whole.

    A sweet New Year to you, sir. My own is being made all the sweeter by finally working at a polling station. Retirement has its unique rewards.


  4. Beijing York says:

    Always a pleasure to get a notice in my email inbox that there is a new post on Alex’s Blog.

    I’m not familiar with monkey behaviour but I can tell you that my experience with cats is that they would rather gorge on their food at record speed, usually resulting in vomit, rather than risk some of their food being eaten by another fellow cat. I guess an observation noted by others:

    Origin of ‘fat cat’ (wealthy and powerful person)


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