The Decline of the Collective 

Keynote Speech at the Parkland Institute November 20 2015. 

4 Responses to “The Decline of the Collective ”
  1. megannety says:

    Austerity always works best when it is applied to the other guy first. However, public sector innovations and efficiencies are never touted as a solution to the dog whistles of “deficit bad”. Blaming others is as toxic as austerity.

    Great speech!

  2. Dave HUghes says:

    Wonderful address. It was my first time to see you speak and I was not disappointed. Very good natured talk and as always very valid points. You are so correct that the success of this new government will require all of us to fight the 30 years of austerity as a norm that limits our ability to imagine a more just and caring Canada. We do need to pay forward for the public good of future generations.
    Dave Hughes

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