The Consequences of Tax Cuts

Here is the video of a recent talk I gave on taxes as a good thing. The talk was hosted by the Literary Review and TVO and sponsored by The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

6 Responses to “The Consequences of Tax Cuts”
  1. Lois Camponi says:

    Excellent talk Alex – thanks for putting it in your blog – I hadn’t seen the show. It’s high time someone pointed out the fallacy of the “cut taxes” mantra

  2. Mark Hammer says:

    If one follows this blog, it’s kind of a “greatest hits” compilation. A nice package, with many of the points I like to see reaching a broader audience. Thanks.

    Kind of a “meta” point, but taxes pay for TVO. I’d rather watch 50 minutes of this discussion than a lot of what is NOT subsidized by taxes.

    Of course, when one consciously values what is not directly provided by taxes over what IS a direct result of taxes, you can see where the resentment and devaluing of taxes comes from. Maybe what nations need is a huge ad campaign with ads constantly featuring things like “Has this ever happened to you? You’re walking along the sidewalk and you trip over something, spraining your ankle…or worse. You COULD spend $100, $200, $5000 to get your ankle looked at and any broken bones set. But thanks to medicare, it’s already paid for! Sign up today.”


    “Out of work? No paycheck on the horizon? Service Canada is there for YOU! Sign up for our safety net today!! [testimonials follow] My employer left the country, but I was still able to meet my bills until I found another job! I was working somewhere that went bankrupt, and had to let everyone go, and the safety net was there for me. Thank you, Service Canada!! “.

  3. Jo says:

    Also known as “Tax Spending”

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