The Lost Art Of Democratic Argument

Here Michael Sandel, the Harvard philosopher, tests out some of the ideas in his new book, Justice: What’s the Right Thing to do? His premise: that democracy thrives on, in fact requires, civil debates on the big moral and political issues governments are wrestling with. We are seeing more and more discussion of what ails … Continue reading

Are Canadians Becoming More Conservative?

A friend recently asked me whether I think that Canadians are becoming more conservative and, for that matter, notwithstanding the recent U.S. election, whether most people in developed countries are moving to the right. Conservative parties in Europe have done well at the very time that progressives thought they had a chance for a resurgence … Continue reading

Government Impotence and the Age of Dysfunction

I have been reading an increasing number of articles on how government is gridlocked, stuck, in the face of crises we seem unable to fix or even understand. I might add that one of my recent op-eds received some howling protests reiterating government’s incompetence, with examples ranging from individual breaches of ethics to political parties … Continue reading

The Assault on Government. Government is not the enemy so why is everybody attacking?

With a bit of tweaking, a little mea culpa and a stronger finish, an earlier post is now this op-ed.