The Assault on Government. Government is not the enemy so why is everybody attacking?

With a bit of tweaking, a little mea culpa and a stronger finish, an earlier post is now this op-ed.

One Response to “The Assault on Government. Government is not the enemy so why is everybody attacking?”
  1. joeblow says:

    It cannot be overstated that the assault on government, and the resulting excessive accountability and rules imposed on the public service, significantly undermines the capacity for creativity on the part of public servants and encourages a risk averse and robotic culture to take root and grow. As a result of excessive demands for accountability, we begin hiring more auditors and evaluators, planners and accountants, number crunchers and paper pushers, and the culture of the organization begins to shift. Soon people who think out of the box, who ask “why” instead of “how”, who have no problems challenging the way things have always been done, who are willing to take chances to achieve a goal, stand out as disruptive and difficult.

    We become increasingly an organization of administrators not creators just when creative thinking is required more than ever to create a public service able to address the social, cultural and technological changing confronting us. And because we are not thinking proactively, we are left to respond reactively, to oil spills, financial meltdowns, the melting north, the decline of manufacturing, the fraying of medicare. So people with skills in communications and spin become valued more, and are promoted more, over people of policy and expertise. And this in turn, as Mr. Himelfarb suggests, feeds a vicious circle of deterioration and distain.

    If we were to measure the cost of measurement and give an account of all of our accountabilities, the cost of the assault on government for the public service, and for Canada, would truly be enormous.

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